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  • This is the newest addition to the Conley line of products. For those of you who are lucky enough to own a Conley Cobra or 23 “T”, this would make a wonderful display to your car(s). It is purposely designed to fit almost any ¼ scale car. Just think of how nice it would be to display you East Coast Modified, Sprint car, Grand National, etc. Even 1/5th scale monster trucks fit perfectly. If you look closely, you will see the transverse mounted leaf spring and “coil over” shocks. No expense was spared to manufacture this trailer, or as the saying goes, “nothing cheap hear”! There are even removable ramps, which store under the trailer deck. Speaking of deck, it is polished “diamond plate”, just like the full sized counterpart. The deck is 21’ wide and 56” long and when completed the trailer weighs 32 pounds. With the ramps attached, the entire length is 64”. As you can see this is not a toy, but a serious replica trailer. This is a large item! Even the box used for shipping is large - 60” long 31” wide and 8” tall. In the future, I even have plans for a hitch on a car or truck to pull the trailer. At the current time there are four stock colors available - White, Red, Black, and Charcoal metallic. Custom colors are available for an additional cost. Each is meticulously assembled, visible welds ground then primed. After which the finish color is applied and then clear coat. The pin striping is the last item to be done before shipping. The basic trailer, with fixed tongue support is being offered for $2,195.00 plus shipping and insurance. The polished stainless steel fenders add $250.00 and the spring loaded "receiver" on the tongue add $125.00. Depending on the demand, my manufacturer says delivery on stock colored trailers is about three weeks. I even have plans for a double length trailer, as well as an enclosed stackable trailer with hydraulic lifts and retractable sidewall exposure. If the top fuel trailer becomes a reality, it will be made in two sections for ease of transportation.