Engines and Accessories

Stinger 609 Engine

A completely new engine offered by Conley Precision that combines radical new designs with time proven technology.

34 Roadster

34 Roadster - preliminary photos and information

Car Trailer

1/4 scale display Car Trailer NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Sportswear and Accessories

Staying with the quality you have come to expect from Conley Precision Engines, we now offer a line of Stinger 609 products at NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  We realize that if the $5K+ price is a little out of your range, these items, may be just what you need.  There are also some items for the special female in your life.  

1/4 Scale 23 T Bucket

Conley's 1/4 scale cars not only look like the real thing but are built like them as well. In fact from a photo even the most experienced car enthusiast wouldn't believe his or her eyes once they realize they are looking at a remote control 1/4 scale car you can fit in your trunk.

Engine Test Stand

This completely self contained test stand allows you the capability to easily access and run your engine anywhere.  And yes, you can pop your trunk and have the ability to impress your "been there done that" friends.


Due to the increased size of the new Stinger 609 engine, production of the Cobra has been discontinued.  This evolution has lead to an upcoming 34' Roadster that replaces the Cobra.  The 34' Roadster should be in production by late 2012 or mid 2013.  Stay tuned.....

Perry Pumps and Carburetors

Manufacturer of high quality Perry carburetors, pumps, and fluid control products for both OEM and aftermarket use in model aviation, boats, and cars.