34 Roadster



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  • Although not ready for delivery, I thought it would be a good time to bring everyone up to date. As usual, everything takes longer than planned. Just to give you an idea of what I am talking about, the mold maker which was doing the molds for the body, took well over 6 months to do the job which should have taken about 4 weeks. Even worse, the partial molds could be pulled and returned because I would then have had to find another mold maker to finish the job. Anyway, all the body and fender molds are finished. I am currently fitting the sample body to the belly-pan with fenders. When finished I can then make sure that everything fits the new frame. Once the body is in place on the belly-pan, I can start working on the doors, trunk lid, leather interior design, remote control installation, battery pack design and placement, fuel tank placement, water tank design and placement, oil tank placement – you get the idea. Remember, none of this additional work could be done until all the body parts were in my possession and mounted to the new steel frame. This really is trying to put 20 pounds of “stuff” into a 2 pound box. Speaking of frame, it is reassuring to know the frame design, drop front axel, and suspension are complete and the only changes will be very minor if any. I am in the process of having 20+ frames manufactured for the first run. Keep in mind not only will the frames be used on the complete car, but there will be two new test stands using the same frame. The basic test stand will have only a basic frame with no suspension components. It will be mounted on a solid wood base and be supported with vertical “stand-offs”. As usual, the test stand will be self-contained. The second test stand will be the new frame, full suspension, dropped front axel, and running gear. There will obviously be no remote control for the test stands! The new quick change rear-ends will be ready about the same time as the frames are completed. The back cover must be machined as well as the mechanical brake assembles. Both of these are relatively simple to manufacture and will present no major slow down. The grill shell in front of the engine is investment cast aluminum and will have vertical rods installed, to complete the look. If you have been following my “updates” section on my web site, you have often heard me refer to not being able to scale down heat. Unfortunately, small radiators are very inefficient! At the current time there are plans to place a water holding tank in the trunk area and using large aluminum or brass lines to feed the water pump. It is important for everyone to know that as work proceeds on the new 34 Ford and the all new display trailer, all available time continues on the production of the Stinger 609 engine. Like I said before “if the days were 48 hours long, then I could get some real work done”. Unfortunately this is not going to happen.
  •    The cost of a complete ready-to-run car with a supercharged Stinger engine, start at  $22,500.00, plus shipping and insurance. Delivery is about one year and there is a deposit required to place your name in "Q". Once you receive the car, all you will need to do is to add water, gasoline, oil, and make sure the batteries are charged.